Are you a Leader?

Vanessa Lowry is a connection expert and owner of Profits in Progress, connecting people, communicating appreciation and changing the world using handwritten notes. Their unique Note-Working Success System is designed to help you write 3 notes a day in less than 10 minutes. She can be contacted at or 678-521-8820.

Personal Connection is Key to Leadership Success

Effective leadership is derived from a relationship based on trust, communication, understanding and connection. Increasing one-on-one personal connections and building lasting relationships is the way an effective leader can increase success and transition into inspirational leadership.

The opportunity to establish a connection with another individual presents itself every day in places such as face-to-face meetings, individual phone calls, e-mail, personal letters and handwritten notes. Great leaders know that as opportunities are seized and a professional, lasting impression is made, a personal connection can be the beginning of a life-long relationship.

Handwritten notes have been proven to trigger an emotional connection between the writer and recipient. The act of taking the time to write a personalized note places this “small thing” into the “high return” category. All great leaders take the time to recognize individuals for even the smallest achievement, progress or contribution. The act of communicating through handwritten notes ranks high on the list of habits identified by successful leaders and communicators.

Read on to see how a few words in a personal handwritten note can increase your one-on-one connections, build your relationships and benefit your company’s environment.


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