Cut through the Marketing Clutter using Handwritten Notes

By Vanessa Lowry, Profits in Progress

How many marketing messages do you see or hear in one day? How about 300? Maybe as many as 5000? You may be one of the folks who receive over 300 emails a day – not to mention other marketing hits. While the number of times you are touched to buy may vary, it is a fact that you can’t pay attention to ALL of those messages.

So, how can a business effectively cut through the marketing clutter? In “Buzz Marketing” by Mark Hughes, he suggests that we should be more focused on “connections” than on “impressions”. Your focus should be to target a specific group of people with a strategy to connect. Ultimately, your sales will increase from better connections than from more impressions. (Think of the 80/20 rule. 80% of your sales result from 20% of the people in your contact sphere. Figure out the “who” of your 20% and CONNECT!)

Handwritten personalized note cards are a highly effective way to connect – capturing more than 99% open rate. Use this powerful tool with your targeted 20% – your top customers, key prospects and strategic referral partners who send business your way.

I have surveyed hundreds of business professionals during the past three years and 100% of them agree that a personalized handwritten note captures their attention. They are more likely to remember the sender and the message than other forms of direct mail or email. This is an effective tool to be used strategically – to make sure your message gets noticed and remembered.

Watch the on-line video interview with Vanessa Lowry and Ruth King at for more ideas on using handwritten notes to cut through the marketing clutter.

Vanessa Lowry is a connection expert and owner of Profits in Progress, helping businesses integrate the dynamic tool of handwritten notes into their marketing strategies and connections solutions. Her vision is to connect people, communicate appreciation and change the world using handwritten notes. She can be contacted at


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