10 Tips for Generating Buyer Interest

Daily Real Estate News  | January 7, 2009  |
Distraught sellers who need to generate more interest in house that has been languishing on the market for months should consider 10 steps from MSNBC financial guru Laura T. Coffey

  • Can the clutter. Pack up knickknacks, pictures, piles of paper and furniture that makes the place look crowded.
  • Let the light in. Take down any heavy drapes.
  • Scrub-a-dub-dub. Shampoo soiled carpets, Scrub the front door. Repaint scuffed walls. Tidy up the lawn and trim the shrubs.
  • Get moving on the “honey do” list. Fix everything that is in need of repair.
  • Enhance the view. Erect a fence or plant shrubbery to improve or obscure the view of unattractive nearby properties or streets.
  • Try weeknights. Holding an open house on Wednesday may attract a different crowd.
  • Ask for criticism. Consult with buyers’ agents for their feedback.
  • Send the owners away. Ask them to vacate when potential buyers come around so they can talk freely.
  • Rent to own. Give a potential buyer a little credit .Becoming a landlord may keep you from having to shoulder two mortgages.
  • Drop the asking price. And figure out the lowest amount you’re willing or able to accept.

Source: MSN Money, Laura T. Coffey (01/06/2009)

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