4 Things to Consider When Picking a Floor Plan

Daily Real Estate News  | January 7, 2009  |
Factors that dictate what floor plan will work best for a home buyer include how old their children are, how they entertain, and whether they have pets, says Jeff Benach, a principal with Lexington Homes in the Chicago area.

Here are some issues Benach suggests considering when buying a home:

  • Mudrooms. A spacious mud-room can make managing a young family’s comings and going much easier. They are also good for pet owners.
  • Over-sized kitchen/family-room combinations. These rooms work for some people, but they aren’t good for party givers because large spaces are noisy and don’t lend themselves to intense cooking and food staging.
  • Fireplaces and windows. Filling more than one wall with windows and occupying another with a fireplace makes it difficult to position furniture.
  • Consider that things change. Designing areas so they can be retooled to meet new and different needs down the road is a smart approach.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Allison E. Beatty (01/02/09)

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