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We are working on a great project in Costa Rica.  Here is a little information on Exclusive Costa Rica.

Exclusive Costa Rica (ECR) is an international marketing and sales company, specializing in the promotion of exclusive real estate developments and projects in Costa Rica and expanding markets. Our differentiating characteristic includes our complete self-sufficiency; we fund all marketing and managing efforts, investing in each project, and are not paid until units and lots are sold. This unique trait by which we stand, allows us to work with exclusive contracts to manage intense marketing and sales efforts for a variety of developers throughout Costa Rica.

Our Services

With 912 miles of coastline on the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, and 20,480 square miles of mountainous terrain between the two coasts, Costa Rica is truly a land of opportunity. ECR is here to make accessing that opportunity a whole lot easier!

As an international marketing and sales company, ECR links high-end real estate developers with investors and buyers from around the world that are looking for the gloriously luxurious lifestyle and/or reliable investment opportunities that Costa Rica offers.

We incorporate cutting-edge technology along with traditional marketing efforts to access an expanse of market segments. Therefore we are catering to the landowners and real estate developers of Costa Rica, as well as to the multitude of individuals learning that Costa Rica is the place to invest. Developers and investors alike will find that ECR provides unique services, bridging a gap and fulfilling the goals and desires of all parties involved.

Developers and landowners are looking for a knowledgeable, qualified, trustworthy company to aid in a quick sellout of their prized project. ECR not only fits this role, but is completely self-sufficient, meaning that we pay for all marketing efforts and are only paid a commission on sales throughout the project.

Investors and buyers are in search of a reliable, honest and knowledgeable liaison to accomplish goals of investing in a safe and stable environment. Through this website, our “Investing in Exclusive Costa Rica” seminars and our personal correspondences, ECR exceeds the expectations of this role by providing answers to any and all questions and concerns before they arise, and ensuring the completion of a comfortable, desirable, realistic investment.

Expanding Markets

ECR quickly realized that as opportunistic as the lush lands of Costa Rica are, there is a whole world out there in need of our specialized services! Therefore, we are in negotiations with development projects in the United States and Canada, and are currently opening satellite offices in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York, New York to facilitate those needs.

As our contact base grows, so does our business. Accordingly, we will facilitate the marketing, sales and development needs of projects throughout the world over the next few years. Keep checking this website for updates, or contact us for more information!

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