December 2009 Newsletter – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from The Providence Group!

Our final newsletter of the year is out and is chock full of advice for the home buyer in 2010.

The housing market won’t be down forever. The time to buy is before the housing boom hits, and we believe that boom is coming soon!

In recent months, we’ve already seen signs the market is cycling up again (increased home sales are one example). There are several other factors that all point to a looming housing boom, such as population demographics and new home construction statistics.

For our first Item of Value (.pdf) of the year, we’ve examined several factors that indicate the market is turning around again. You will find data and analysis that point to the same conclusion: the next housing boom is just around the corner.

Don’t be left in the dust when the next housing upswing occurs. We want you to be prepared!

The Providence Group Team: John Damiano, Karen Eberson, Claxton Underwood, Danielle Galante, Steve Williams, and Barbra Neuman

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