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You may not be getting a $15,000 raise this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have that much coming your way. By implementing the fun and simple money-saving tips included in this piece, you could save thousands of dollars this year.

For example, 30 percent of consumers eligible for a product rebate never apply, and another 21 percent of consumers who apply never receive their rebates due to a technicality or a failure to follow up. These add up to a huge sum of money on which millions of people are missing out.

In this month’s Item of Value, we’ve examined the many ways that you can save your hard-earned money, from sticking to a budget to negotiating better deals. You will even find a list of areas in which you can save big bucks – up to $15,000 a year!

Look closer, and you’ll discover you’re missing out on some great opportunities to save money.  You may want to include a personal greeting, a note or editorial written by the owner of your company. By including a photo, you can make your greeting even more personal.

Know your target audience. Who are your most important customers, clients or prospects, and why? Know what is important to them and address their needs in your newsletter each month.


John Damiano, Karen Eberson, Clax Underwood, Danielle Galante, Steve Williams, and Barbra Neuman

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