H&R Block to offer EZ Answer to Tax Form Fatigue

Free 1040EZ tax returns in Atlanta area

Taxes can be confusing, with all the different 1040s, forms and schedules. A little understanding of what these forms are can ease the anxiety and stress that many taxpayers’ experience when preparing their returns. And now H&R Block is offering to ease that stress with a FREE 1040EZ federal tax return from Feb. 19 to April 4, 2010.  Offer available at H&R Block offices in the metro Atlanta area.

“There were nearly 300 changes made to the tax code last year,” said Corey Sutton Sr., district manager at H&R Block. “Even those who file a 1040EZ may be able to take advantage of some of those changes and get more money back in their pockets.”

Sutton outlines just what it takes to be able to file with an EZ form versus the traditional 1040.

The 1040s


If you’re single or married filing joint filing and have:

  • No dependents
  • Only income from your job or bank interest and it is less than $100,000 in total
  • Only credits you need are EITC and Making Work Pay, no others
  • No deductions – only get the standard deduction
  • No other schedules


If you do not qualify for a 1040EZ, you may use the 1040A. Use the 1040A if all of the following apply:

  • Your income is less than $100,000 and comes from your job, bank interest, pensions, social security
  • You can get some of adjustments like student loan interest, IRA deduction, Educator Expense deduction
  • Standard seduction only
  • You can get some credits, Dependent Care credit, Child Tax Credit, Education Credit, Retirement Savings Credit, EITC and Making Work Pay
  • You can add Schedule L and Schedule B (see schedule guide)


Use the 1040 if any of the following apply:

  • Your income more than $100,000
  • You will have Itemized deductions
  • You have a Health Savings Account you put money into or took money out
  • You need to use schedules (see schedule guide)

Forms, forms

There are additional forms for anyone interested in claiming the first-time homebuyer credit, energy credits or additional education credits.

“That’s why it’s best to see your local tax pro, even for those returns that may not be as complex,” Sutton said. “Often our tax professionals are able to find additional tax credits and deductions taxpayers may not be aware of. This could mean a larger refund or a reduced tax liability.”

Courtesy of Debbie Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald PR of Atlanta. debbie@fitzgeraldpr.com

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