Summer Newsletter

The nation’s collective mindset is often evident in housing market trends, and if you own a home or are planning to purchase, it’s important to stay updated on the most significant changes.  In order to protect their investment, home buyers and renovating homeowners should consider resale potential when making key decisions, and that requires an understanding of the features that appeal to the majority of today’s consumers.

This month we have information about the most recent trends captured by a prominent survey of American architects.  In addition to the emphasis on smaller, more efficient floor plans, the survey also identified other popular characteristics that relate to modern lifestyles like outdoor rooms and home offices.

Of course, preferences can vary considerably from one region to another.  Of you are planning a home-improvement project, or would simply like to know more about trends that are specific to our local area, feel free to give us a call.  We are always happy to help maximize your home’s market value.

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