On The Road With Your Pet

The Providence Group welcomes Guest Blogger James Munson of Munson International.  His first post discusses traveling with your pet.

The Road & Your Pet

Taking your pets on a road trip can be an exercise in patience. At Munson International we’re in the relocation business. We’ve taken enough trips to know that a successful trip incorporates preparation and understanding your pet’s needs.

When you’re traveling with your pet, think about the trip from your pet’s point of view.  Your pet will need all the comfort creatures that home provides. Plus, they’ll also need extra traveling supplies.

Here’s a checklist of items you’ll want to pack before taking your next road trip.

  • Medical and vaccine records, in case you have to take your pet for an emergency trip to the vet.
  • Your pet’s medicine, if needed.
  • Your pet’s tags that include your cell phone number and your address.
  • Fido’s leash. Be sure to always put his leash on when he’s out of the car.
  • Kitty & Fido’s favorite toys. These will help relax your pet when traveling.
  • Blankets, towels and plenty of treats.
  • Bowls, food and don’t forget the scooper.
  • Be sure that your pet’s shots are up to date.

Planning and taking the time to properly prepare for your trip will put your mind at ease. It will also create a relaxing environment for your pet.

James Munson of Munson International
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