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The Providence Group welcomes Guest Blogger James Munson of Munson International.

The Problem Solving Industry

You’re in the problem solving game. Your clients depend on you to fix what they can’t. Sometimes, our tried and true methods of solving problems deteriorate.

What do you do? Here are five ways to get the synapses firing.

1. Put on your favorite music and let your mind relax.
Fun Exercise:

2. Mind map. Mind mapping is brainstorming on steroids. Your mind naturally connects hundreds of thousands of ideas every day. Most of those connections go unnoticed. Want to learn how to mind map?

3. Find an online puzzle. Puzzles keep your mind sharp as you connect the pieces. Want to find an online puzzle? Google ‘online puzzles’ or head over to

4. Find a park you’ve never visited and walk. The National Park Service has a searchable database of parks throughout the US. Go for a hike, visit old battlegrounds or take a trip to historically based sites.

5. Temporarily escape and help someone succeed. Volunteering takes your mind off the big project and encourages collaboration with folks outside your immediate industry. If you’re not sure where to start, visit


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