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Whether a business owner views himself as a entrepreneur or simply the owner of a small business, any individual who forms and/or manages an enterprise does so with considerable initiative as well as risk. To mitigate those risks – and increase the likelihood of thriving – experienced business leaders advise their counterparts to do as they do. In this newsletter we offer ideas and resources to help new business owners succeed.

Organizations:  Entrepreneurs’ Organization has more than 120 chapters in 41 countries. Members benefit from forums, local and global events, a quarterly magazine and blog, a mentorship program, and educational and networking events. Vistage, a global organization with affiliates in 16 countries, offers different types of executive coaching programs based on company size and scope.  Webinars, conferences, group meetings, and an extensive online network are some of the tools they provide to help members solve their most critical business issues.

Websites/Blogs. There are many blogs and sites dedicated to improving the success of a business. Here are a few worth visiting: (a blog dedicated to entrepreneurs); (news about technology, people, and innovation, offering a choice of newsletters); and How to Change the World (a blog with practical advice by Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist of Apple).

Accelerators:  Accelerators are independently-owned organizations that provide tools for startups, from education and training in key areas such as strategic planning, sales, and marketing, to mentorship and ongoing support. They assist companies with getting seed funding, too. The criteria varies by program and the competition is steep. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization accelerator requires applicants to apply before their 47th birthday and be the founder or owner of a business with annual revenues between $250,000 and $1 million. Accelerator TechStars, located in five U.S. cities explains, “We have selection rates lower than the Ivy League, so you have to be among the best of the best.”

For business owners who don’t have the luxury of participating in an accelerator program, there is always the next best thing: Advice from the experts. They say that top consideration should be given to balancing your time, and this applies to anyone who is eager to work smarter – not longer – hours. In a recent article from, the leaders of several top accelerators shared their favorite time-management tips.

Say no when you need to – “Entrepreneurs – especially early on – will say yes to everything. Whether that’s in having too many meetings or taking too much on for the team, entrepreneurs really need to make decisions fast about when and where to say no.” Reshma Sohoni, partner at Seedcamp

Choose your most important goal each week – “This mental exercise makes you figure out what really matters, and focus time and energy on it at the cost of other, less important things.” David Cohen, chief executive at Techstars

Know your productivity limits – “I had an employee that would produce the maximum amount on 55 hours a week. The rest of us had to work 80 hours to get done what he did in 55; but if he worked more than 55, his total productivity started to drop.” Troy Henikoff, chief executive of Excelerate Labs

I hope your clients and associates find these ideas and resources helpful. As always, we’re here to help businesses in need of working capital. For additional information about our services, call me or email me.


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