Guest Post – Market Volatility!

Market Volatility   


As expected we are seeing added volatility. These types of moves in the markets are never comfortable but to be expected. I have attached a couple brief comments from our technical team at RBC commenting on the markets pull back and possible correction. Also some comments on current and long term trends for the markets. This would not be a time to panic but to be cognizant of volatility and risk . You need to make sure that your  portfolios are adjusted correctly to meet your personal goals and objectives associated with risk and volatility. We have already spoken to many of you about small adjustments in your portfolios. Please do not hesitate to contact my team or I with any questions and or concerns.


Take a look at these documents:


1.)  Current Stock Market Trends

2.)  A Violent Bottom 

3.)  Time Versus Timing 


 Guest post courtesy of Graham Wickham

and the Wickham Financial & Insurance Team

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