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Our June Newsletter – The Easiest Way to Improve Your Home, on a Budget

$100 in the Can is Worth $1,000 on Your Wall

For less than $100, a can of paint and some basic supplies can totally transform a room in your home—and might even result in a new attitude.

Unfortunately, many do-it-yourselfers find it intimidating to select a new paint color. This month’s resource offers advice for choosing the perfect hue as well as the appropriate finish for your particular project. It also includes a number of helpful tips for getting the job done right.

Better yet, that $100 investment will most likely deliver a generous return if you decide to sell. Please call if you would like a referral to reputable paint contractor or a design consultant who would be happy to help you renew your décor and possibly even your frame of mind!

John Damiano, Clax Underwood, Danielle Galante, Marty Johnson, and Leslie Marie Moseley