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5-Minute Home Selling Preparation Guide

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5-Minute Home Selling Preparation Guide

If you’re getting ready to market your property but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading. In this quick post, we’ll offer room-by-room guidance on preparing your home for sell, many come recommended by John Damiano, a Broker for The Providence Group of Keller Williams.


Curb appeal matters, make it count. 

  • Repair dead spots in grass – often caused by dog urine
  • Trim hedges and remove overgrowth from flower beds and gardens
  • Mulch around trees and in flower beds
  • Update the mailbox with a fresh coat of paint, flowers and visible house numbers
  • Remove scattered toys and trash from front and back lawn
  • Check fence for damage and repair where needed
  • Enhance the entryway with a new door (or paint your existing one – this video from Lowes walks you through it)
  • Pressure wash the walkway
  • Don’t over-decorate for holidays – a simple wreath at Christmas or American flag near Independence Day will do
  • Seal asphalt driveway


Buyers want a spa-like bathroom where they can relax.

  • Replace mildewed caulk
  • Update faucets and handles with stainless/brushed nickel
  • Decorate with matching shower curtain, bath mats and accents
  • Increase lighting (This Old House cautions that you must comply with electrical codes)
  • Fix leaky faucets/running toilets
  • Add unscented candles and display specialty bath products


The kitchen is one of the main focal points of your home – pay careful attention to this room.

  • Replace outdated appliances with stainless steel (bonus points if it’s smudge-free and has water in the door)
  • Paint, replace or reface kitchen cabinets, including new hardware – if you’re on a budget, you may be able to re-use your hinges if they match the new handles and drawer pulls
  • Add a tile backsplash
  • Dye grout lines to make tile floors stand out
  • Install granite or natural stone countertops
  • Create open storage by removing doors from larger cabinets
  • Line drawers with fresh contact paper
  • Eliminate smells from trash can
  • Declutter countertops, pantry, and fridge/freezer
  • On showing day, leave out small treats (cookies, coffee, bottled water)

Living room

Your priorities in the living areas are the flow and the floors.

  • Replace worn or dirty carpet
  • Refinish hardwood floors – For example, the average cost to refinish hardwood floors in the Atlanta area is between $1,195 and $2,553, according to HomeAdvisor. (Forbes claims refinishing floors throughout the home as is a more profitable investment t
    han installing new carpet.)
  • Remove excess furniture and personal belongings
  • Paint walls in a neutral color
  • Replace light-blocking curtains with sheers and pull back to let the natural light illuminate the room
  • Clean upholstered surfaces
  • Install crown molding (most home improvement stores have corner pieces you can add to eliminate the tricky process of accurately cutting wood to fit)

Pool and patio

  • Make sure recreational equipment is in good working order
  • Clean the pool
  • Lock gates and leave notice that only the showing agent may open
  • Clean patio furniture


  • Ensure that all clothes are hung or neatly in drawers (buyers will look in the closet)
  • Wash curtains and bedding

Other tips

  • Invest in a one-time deep cleaning
  • Stage each room to highlight their best features and space
  • Eliminate pet odors by opening windows in the hours prior to each showing

Talk with your realtor about improvements that you can make that work best in your market and price range. While a deep cleaning will always be welcome by buyers, not every home will benefit from premium appliances or granite in the kitchen. You’ll also want to consider how much you spend. Most of these upgrades will do more to expedite the sell than increase your home’s value so look at them in terms of an investment in your time. Even when the market is primed for sellers, selling your home is not a “set it and forget it” process. It takes work but making minor home improvements is a small price to pay to get you on your way to your next adventure.

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